I am an Athens-born and Malmö-based researcher, writer, photographer, traveler and most of all, learner.

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Although it feels kind of retro to have a personal website in the era of social media profiles and the like, I still wanted to have a central place that housed all the links and information relevant to my work.

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Here is some of my work

A long journey in stillness

For the last three days I had the honour to work with Lynsey Addario, one of the world’s most acclaimed photojournalists, assisting her on her upcoming New York Times story on the destitute situation of undocumented migrants in Greece. Tough, nerve-wrecking and extremely demanding as this assignment was, it was still one of the most […]

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The De-Portables of Patras

PORT OF PATRAS – GREECE. Hundreds of irregular migrants from Asia and Africa have found shelter in the abandoned factory buildings of the deserted industrial zone along the coast, waiting for that one chance to creep, or pay, their way into or under a lorry leaving Greece for Italy. We spent a day among them, witnessing how they make a temporary home, among the industrial rubble, piles of garbage, roomfuls of vintage machinery, and the nature that now takes over the relics of the derelict flagship factories of the Greek economy.

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Interview with Generation 2.0 on ‘Al Tsantiri News’ 13/3/2013

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Interview on McMaster University Radio Station

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The Writing on the Wall: Detention Center Art

During the “Cultures, Migrations, Borders” Summer School of the University of the Aegean we visited the -now closed- Immigrant Detention Center of Pagani, in Lesvos-Greece. There I was able to capture some of the writings and drawings of ex-detainees in the center. Names, poems, email addresses, prayers, phone numbers, religious and other symbols, country maps, release countdowns, small works of art, spelling lessons for children, as well as song lyrics in broken English, French, Arabic, Farsi and various other languages covered the cheap plywood walls.

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Materialising Immigrant Anamnesis

The meaning of material posessions at times of life transition, such as the situation of immigration, is crucial for the reconstructing self identity in accordance to the fluid in-transit status of undocumented African migrants. For several months I have carried out a slow process of collection, digitisation and delination of the meanings embodied by material […]

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Trash/Traces: Lives adrift along the border