Research Interests

Issues pertaining to urban sociology; cultural anthropology; urban and cultural geography; (irregular) migration; borderlands; urban border zones; childhood studies; sociology of education; children and youth geographies; qualitative and participatory methodologies; ethnicity; cross-cultural psychology; transnationalism and globalization; identity formation; arts and community development; social reproduction and the public environment; citizenship; physical world socialization of the self; current public policy and discourses for the public space

Research Skills

Ability to define tasks and identify information requirements. Effective in locating, retrieving, evaluating and synthesizing data from multiple sources and academic databases, based on importance and availability. Excellent writing, data processing and IT skills. Strong attention to detail. Conceptual thinking. Very good organizational and presentational skills. Imagination and creativity.

Familiarity with both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies with a personal preference to ethnographic, creative and participatory methods employed individually or in focus groups. Extensive knowledge of the current scholarship on international migration. Ability to apply notions, theories and methods of social sciences in practical contexts and for the purposes of interdisciplinary research tasks. Working with groups in social precariousness and children in particular has helped me develop skills of culturally competent research conceptualization and practice, as well as adopt an ethical and reflexive approach to research conduct.

Other Research

2012      “Cultures, Migrations, Borders” Summer School

University of the Aegean (partial attendance)

Introduction to the theoretical and methodological issues in the study of migration and borders, the institutional and political aspects of the migratory condition and people on the move, immigrant groups, refugees and host communities.

2012-     “African Migration in the center of Athens”

Independent Ethnographic Research

Participant observation in the inner city neighbourhoods with individual migrants/asylum seekers; formal and informal interviews with representatives of migrant communities from sub-Saharan Africa.

2012       “The socioeconomic effects of the financial crisis on the Greek society”

Greek Center for Social Research (EKKE)
Research assistant

Supervisor: Dr. Maloutas T.

2012       “Migration in the margins of Europe” Winter School

Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies , University of Amsterdam & The Netherlands Institute of Athens 

Intensive seminar on the current debates and research topics in relation to issues of migration in Greece, as well as in other  in other European and Mediterranean areas, in a comparative manner. By participating in a small field research students gained practical experience in the new context, used their skills, made new contacts and learned how to place their findings within wider local and global processes.

Fieldwork on the patterns of food consumption and preparation among African immigrant communities in Athens, and the effects of those practices on the cultural and moral geographies of food in the urban neighbourhood of Kypseli.

Supervisors: Dr. Kalir B., Dr. Lindo F., Dr. Mpampilis T.

2009    “Patterns of transnational motherhood and separation among Ukrainian female domestic
            workers in Greece”

Supervisor: Dr. Chauvin S.M.G.

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2008    “Kerameikos and Metaxourgio: Two Athenian neighbourhoods bearing the consequences of
            immigration, social segregation and gentrification”

Supervisors: Dr. Ostendorf W. & Dr. Musterd S.

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2002     Foreign university students at the University of Athens

University of the Athens – Institute for the Study of Migration and Diaspora

Research Assistant at the Institute for the Study of Migration and Diaspora (EMMEDIA) of the faculty of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Athens.

Supervisors: Dr. Κontis Α. & Dr. Τatsis Ν.