A long journey in stillness

Categories: 21 Jul 2014

For the last three days I had the honour to work with Lynsey Addario, one of the world’s most acclaimed photojournalists, assisting her on her upcoming New York Times story on the destitute situation of undocumented migrants in Greece.

Tough, nerve-wrecking and extremely demanding as this assignment was, it was still one of the most prized experiences of my life. Looking at the places and the people I have been working with for years, through the lens of a seasoned war photographer who also happens to be a woman, gave me a completely new understanding and impetus for the determination, dedication and resilience required in the line of job of those who, like me, are committed to the discovery and reporting of human rights issues.

This is a sample of Lynsey’s work on the Syrian refugees: http://www.lynseyaddario.com/#/syrias-refugees/ADDARIOSYRIANREFS001

The pictures attached here are a few of the unedited snapshots I took with my own phone only in very few of the places we visited. I will post the full story with Lynsey’s coverage of the places we visited when it comes out soon.