18/4/2013     “Greece in Crisis: The situation of immigrants in crisis-ridden Greece”

CIEL- Cercle international d’etudiants au Luxembourg
University of Luxemburg
Limpertberg Lounge

28/6/2013     “African immigrants claiming their ‘right to the city’ in a ‘city of others'”
Im/mobilising In/equalities: Migration and Marginality in Times of Crisis
Annual Graduate Conference
Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Central European University – Budapest
26/8/2013     “Sub-Saharan Africans in a “city of Others”: Constellations of irregular im/mobility and in/equality in the urban environment of Athens.” 
Crisis and Migration – Perceptions, Challenges and Consequences
10th Annual IMISCOE Conference
Malmö – Sweden
19/9/2013     “Acculturation from below: Immigrant children brokering culture in two contrasted neighbourhoods in Athens.
“Family Life in the Age of Migration and Mobility: Theory Policy and Practice” Conference
Linköping University
Norköping – Sweden