Peer-Reviewed Publications

Tsoni Ioanna  and Karlsson-Franck Anja (Forthcoming) “’The Writing on the Wall”: Claiming Space, Making Place in the Aegean Borderscape”,  Journal of Borderlands Studies

Tsoni, Ioanna. (Forthcoming) “‘Tarlabasi, Basmane, Kypseli, Château Rouge, Bijlmer – It’s all the same neighbourhood’: Irregular Migrants’ Narratives of Compounded Urban Displacement.” ACME, International E-journal for Critical Geographies.

Tsoni, Ioanna. 2016. “‘They Won’t Let Us Come, They Won’t Let Us Stay, They Won’t Let Us Leave’. Liminality in the Aegean Borderscape: The Case of Irregular Migrants, Volunteers and Locals on Lesvos” Journal of Human Geography 9(1)

Tsoni, Ioanna. 2013. “African Border-Crossings in a ‘city of Others’: Constellations of Irregular Im/mobility and In/equality in the Everyday Urban Environment of Athens.” Journal of Mediterranean Studies 27(1):141–69.

Non-Academic Publications

Τsoni, I. (2012), “A letter from the land of smoke and mirrors”, AGORA, 28(3), pp. 30-35 (in Dutch) (in English)

Tsoni, I. (2012) “The derision of a society”, Kontact (in Serbian) (in English)

Tsoni, I (2011) “Introduction” in Iosifidis, K., 2011, “Mural Art Vol 3: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World from Graffiti to Trompe l’oeil”, Athens: Metehmio

Regular contributions to the magazines “In Rock”,“Hood”“Modart”.

Editorial work

Buijs, S., Tan, W., Tunas, D., 2010, “Megacities: Exploring a Sustainable Future”, Rotterdam: 010 Publishing.

Segos, P., 2007, “Trahili-Ancient Ihalia: A Ghost-City?”, Athens: self-publication

Art-related publicity

I have been interviewed by the newspapers “Kathimerini”, “Eleftherotypia”, “Eleftheros Typos” and the free press “Urban Style” about my urban art interventions.

My artwork has been featured internationally in the magazines “Stylefile”, “Carpe Diem”, “Vandal Art”, “Garage”, “Modart”, as well as in the following books:

• Iosifidis, K., 2008, “On the Road”, Athens: Metehmio

•Menegos, P., 2007, “Toihodromies”, Athens: Oxy

•Andriotakis, M., 2005, “Urban Blueprints”, Athens: Nefeli